An International Conference on Classical Indology October 28-29, 2015

Programme of the Conference


October, 28, 2015

10.00 – 11.00.

The opening ceremony at the Hall of the University Council (the 6th floor).


Professor E.I. Pivovar, Rector of RSUH;

His Excellency  P.S. Raghavan, Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation;

Professor R.C. Bharadwaj, the Indian coordinator of the conference;

Dr. S.D.Serebriany, the Russian coordinator of the conference.


11.00 – 12.00.

The events of the “Days of South Asia” at RSUH.

The inaugurations of the “BRICS study room” (block 5, room 1116a) and

“M.K. Gandhi – Jawaharlal Nehru study room (block 3, room 406)

12.00 – 18.00. The First Day of the Conference – at the Hall of the University Council (the 6th floor). 

12.00 – 13.00. Session I.

12.00 - 12.30. Ramesh Bharadwaj (New Delhi).  The Chronology of the Avestā: A Reassessment.

12.30 - 13.00. Gaya Charan Tripathi (New Delhi). Chronology of the Vedic literature. A plea to re-look at the date of the Rigveda

13.00 – 13.45. Lunch Break

13.45 – 18.00.    Session II.

13.45 - 14.10.  Aleh Perzashkevich (Minsk). The historicity of the Rigvedic society (localising in time with the help of dynastic clues).

14.10 - 14.30.  Sergey Kullanda (Moscow). Vedic tapanā́ and its implications for cultural history.

14.30 - 15.00.   Shree Kishore Mishra (Varanasi). Religious and philosophical thoughts of the Atharvaveda.

15.00 - 15.20.    Ganesh Umakant Thite (Pune). Contribution of Russian scholars to Vedic studies.

15.20 - 15.40.     B.R. Mani (New Delhi). Recent Investigations in Kushan Archaeology in India.               

15.40 - 16.10.   Alexei Vigasin (Moscow). South India in Greek and Latin Sources: Some Interpretations.

16.10 - 16.30.   Valery Androsov (Moscow). The Guhyasamāja-tantra: the problems of its origin and its date.

 16.30 - 17.00.  Ramesh Chand Sharma (New Delhi). Russian Tradition of India-centric Linguistic Research and the Emerging Dimensions

17.30 - 18.00.   Boris Zakharyin (Moscow). On fantasies concerning Pāini’s name as well as the first and last sūtras of the “Aṣṭādhyāyī”


October, 29, 2015

10.00 – 18.00

The Second Day of the Conference – at Room 374 (the 3rd floor)

10.00 – 13.00.     Session III. 

10.00 – 10.20. Victoria Lysenko (Moscow). Buddhist atomism in comparative perspective.

10.20 – 10.40. Natalya Kanaeva (Moscow). Hetu-vidyā and pramāa-vāda: a survey of Russian studies in Indian Buddhist logic and epistemology. 

10.40 – 11.00. Ekaterina Kudryavtseva (St.Petersburg). Images of women in early Buddhist poetry (theTherīgāthā”)

11.00  -11.20.    Maxim Rusanov (Moscow). Stories of draftsmanship in ancient Indian literature.

[Coffee break]

12.00 – 12.30.     Anna Neuwirt (St.Petersburg). The “Kāamarāju-katha(lu)” (“Yādava-Bhāratamu”): a Dravidian (Telugu) epic and its ideology.

12.40 - 13.00.    Zaure Iskakova (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Mīrzā Muhammad Haidar Dughlat (1499/1500–1551) and his “Tārīkh-i-Rashīdī”.

13.00 – 14.00. Lunch Break

14.00 – 18.00. Session IV.

14.00 – 14.20.  Muzaffar Olimov (Dushambe). “Abu-l-Fazl and Badāʾūnī: opponents or allies?”

14.20 – 14.40.  Liudmila Khokhlova (Moscow). The concepts of posthumous existence and liberation in the Sikh canon «Ādi-granth».

14.40 – 15.10.  Anastasia Guria (Moscow). A Meeting of Two Literary Canons : “Vikram and the Vampire”, a Victorian Rendering of the “Vetālapañcaviśati”.

      15.10 – 15.30. Kseniya Maretina (St.Petersburg). The “Mahābhārata” in Contemporary Indian Literature and Culture.


     [Coffee break]

15.30 – 15.50.  Nurgazy Kemelbaev (Bishkek)/ Translating the “Mahābhārata” into Kyrgyz.

15.50 – 16.10. Anna Chelnokova (St. Petersburg)/ A classical plot in modern literature: Vālmīki's «Rāmāyaa» in Hindi tradition.

16.10 – 16.30.  Guzel Strelkova (Moscow)/ Bāabhaṭṭa's  “Kādambarī” and its interpretation in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Conference coordinators:
Alexander Stolyarov, Director of the Centre for South Asian studies of the RSUH
Indira Gazieva, Deputy Director of the Centre for South Asian studies of the RSUH

 International Centre for South Asian Studies, the Russian State University for the Humanities +7495-2506519 (office)

Alexander Stolyarov: +79160592875

Indira Gazieva: +79166715462 (m)

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