November, 6, 2015 The workshop "The problems of Indo-Iranian heritage" was organized by RSUH teachers and Dr. Pavel Basharin, Head of the Iranian Studies Centre .

Prof. Tigran Mkrtychev who currently is a Deputy Director at State Museum of Oriental Art has stressed in his welcoming speech that the experts on this issue is becoming less and therefore he welcomed the initiative of the RSUH to hold a conference where scholars can discuss their scientific achievements.

The presentation of Prof. Tigran Mkrtychev was dedicated to the issue of the spread of Buddhism in Central Asia. He showed the iconic archaeological finds of previous generations and some of them professor addressed critically drawing attention to some architecture finds which does not correspond to the classic notion of Buddhist architecture.

Among the participants we could see many famous scholars from the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Dr. Alexander Balahvantsev, Dr. Alexander Stolyarov, Dr. Youriy Averyanov, Dr. Sergey Kullanda. There were scholars from Moscow State University: Honored Professor Boris Zakharyin, Dr. Ludmila Khokhlova. Dr. Elena Molchanova, Chair of the Department of Iranian languages Institute of linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Dr. Pavel Lurje, faculty member of the Oriental Department the State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg), Dr. A. Ambardzumyan, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University.

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