November, 26, 2015 Meeting RSUH student and teachers with Mr. Raja Abdul Qayyum, Press Counsellor of Pakistan Embassy

Mr. Raja Abdul Qayyum, Press Counsellor of Pakistan Embassy visited the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies of the History and Archives Institute of the Russian State University for the Humanities and met with BA students.

Mr. Raja Abdul Qayyum gave a talk about social and cultural development of Pakistan. First of all he told about historical background of Pakistan – home of ancient civilizations (Mehrgarh, Hindus Valley and Ghandara civilizations), diversity of cultures, fauna and flora, scenic beauty (Sawat Valley, Kaghan Valley, Ziarat, the whole northern spaces of Pakistan). Also he told about the wide range of geographical diversity ranging from mountains to sea (from highest peaks of the world till the long sea shore and coastal line, ranging from Karachi to Gwadar and Cholistan desert spread in large areas of Punjab and Sindh provinces and vast areas of Baluchistan). Concerning the foreign policy of Pakistan Mr. Raja Abdul Qayyum mentioned the good relations with all countries, especially with the neighbours, bilateralism, and support to just causes, and promotion of peace and stability by fighting against all forms of terrorism.

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